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Midway Historians Membership Roster

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Club President: Capt. Robert “Bob” Russo – UAL, ret.

Club Vice-President: Robert F. “Bob” Soraparu – USAir (formerly Allegheny), ret.

Mark Angstadt 

Robert "Rob" Bitunjac – Historian, Manager - Clearing Library, Clear-Ridge Historical Society

Capt. Sam Breeden – SWA, ret.

Jeff Bartgen –  FA, MDW, ATA, ret.

Phil Brooks – UAL Dispatcher

Bob Brzostowski – AA mechanic, ret.

Patrick “Pat” Bukiri – Historian; Curator of the Midway Historians Photo Gallery (Flickr twa1049g);

James "Jim" Casey
 – Historian; grandson of Midway's iconic manager, John Casey.

Paul Casey – Historian; grandson of Midway's iconic manager, John Casey.

Nick Caulfield – SWA; Assistant Chief Pilot, MDW

Edward “Ed” Cermak

Capt. John Chiros, ret. – ML, NK, ATA, Ryan Intl.

Robert C. "Bob" Colby – CFI-I, ATE/American Flyers, MDW

Capt. William "Bill" Curry – MDW, ret.

John Daraska  –  MDW GA Mechanic, ret.

Eugene "Gene" Deutsch

Shirley Deutsch  –  Historian; Collector

Raymond “Ray” Drozs cSWA ground equipment Mechanic; Aviation teacher, Lewis University

Robert “Bob” Dusak – TWA, AA

Frank Fabian

Capt. Don Falenczykowski, “Donny Falen” – SWA

Nora Fennessey (Rock River, OH) - Midway Historians Docent

Michael "Mike" Haupt –  Historian

Kenneth “Ken” Hickey – TWA mechanic, ret.

John Horvath – PAA, Historian

Jeannine Janulis, stewardess, author

Jeanne Jesernik

Robert "Bob" Jesernik

Robert “Bob” Jesko – BNF (ret.); Historian; Photographer

Dianne Johnson – Clearing area resident and historian; owner of Midway Jewelers

Martin E. “Marty” Johnson

Capt. Scott Joseph – UAL, ret., Corporate Air/Beckett, ret.

Capt. Thomas “Tom” Kalina – Chief Pilot, SC Johnson; noted aviation artist

David Kaufman, "Dave Kilo" – Chief of Ops, Chi. Dept. of Aviation, MDW

Boyd Kelly – Airboyd TV

David E. “Dave” Kent – pilot; author; historian

Anne Billingsley Kerr – stewardess, NWA, ret.; author; aviation writer

Richard “Rich” Kowalski – AA

Eva Marie Kozlowski – Midway Historian, member Chicagoland Aviation Spotters

Gary Latronica – SWA ground equipment Mechanic

M. Christopher “Chris” Lynch – Monarch; pilot; author

William "Bill" Mackey – 
Formerly with UTA French Airlines; leadership strategist

W.W. "Will" Martin – pilot, author and owner of military aircraft based at MDW.

Elmer H. Maves – TWA historian

Charles "Charlie" McKinney

Marisa Merkel, SWA In-Flight Manager, MDW-based

Ronald "Ron" Monahan, Clearing/Garfield Ridge Historian

Richard "Dick" Neish – FAA Team Supervisor FSD ATCT/Tracab, ret. 

Kenneth “Ken” Pochocki – AA

Patricia "Pat" Pochocki – MDW

Richard "Rich" Potoki – PAA

William “Bill” Poturica (Kemon01); Historian; Photographer; Curator MDW Facebook Page

Jon Proctor – TWA Historian; Midway Historian; Journalist

Gail Robb – EAL flight attendant

Neal Samors – Aviation Historical Author

Dr. Joseph "Joe" Schwieterman, Chicago historical author, director, professor at DePaul University

Laird A. Scott – Aviation photographer

Eugene “Gene” Smith – TWA, ret.; Chief Pilot, ret. – Sears, Morgan Stanley-DeanWitter

Ronald “Ron” Stuart

James "Jim" Swenson

T. Rodney Tatum – PBI TWR; also former student of Capt. Bob Russo at B&W Aviation, MDW

Daniel “Dan” Uscian – journalist, historian

Richard "Rick" Voit – Pilot, businessman, regular MDW flyer.

Thomas E. “Little Tommy” Wartell – MDW TWR; ARR TWR.; CFI-I, ATE/American Flyers, MDW

James "Jim" Wissemes – SWA mechanic; aviation photographer (Flickr name: old06cphotos)

F.O. Robert F. “Bob” Zilinsky – AA, ret./Chief Mechanic, Flight Engineer; Historian

Arnold A. “Arnie” Zimmerman – CFI-I, Zimtac Aviation, MDW, award-winning pilot

Members who have Flown West

William C. "Bill" Aitken

Michael "Mike O'Hare" Branigan


Wallace D. "Dip" Davis

John “Jack” Dusak

Richard "Rich" Fennessy

Frederick "Fred" Hartman

  Robert Milton "Moose" Hill

  Charles "Charlie" Feigel

Joseph "Uncle Joe" Lipien

Ruth Van Etten-Osgood

Nicholas C. Selig

If you don't see your name on this page, please email us with a request to be added to the membership roster. Be sure and include your contact information along with your request, plus a little back story about yourself, to info@midwayhistorians.com

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