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Now Arriving: Traveling To And From Chicago By Air - 90 Years Of Flight by Neal Samors and Christopher Lynch

Now Arriving by Neal Samors & Christopher Lynch"Now Arriving" debuts many rare, unseen photos. One chapter of the book also includes lost negatives from Midway's resident photographer, Mike Rotunno, recently discovered after 80 years in the attic of his former home in Berwyn, IL.

"Now Arriving" also includes a collection of rare autographed photos of famous people traveling through Midway Airport - from Amelia Earhart to J. Edgar Hoover and from Will Rogers and Cary Grant to the Three Stooges. These signatures were collected by Johnny Latozza, who sold newspapers at the airport in the 1930s, and whose charm and persistence always got the stars to sign his book. Fellow Midway Historians Shirley and Gene Deutsch shared these amazing pieces of Midway's history for this book.

Also, "Now Arriving" includes stunning photographs provided to the authors by United Airlines which document the construction of O'Hare, the early years of the airport, as well as the opening of the modern terminal. 

This book documents how Chicago developed into the crossroads and transportation hub of America and the world. Order y
our copy from Amazon Prime or purchase it from your favorite bookseller.

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Aviation Universe in Bensenville (see ad below).

Terminal Town: An Illustrated Guide to Chicago's Airports, Bus Depots, Train Stations, and Steamship Landings, 1939 - Present
by Joe Schwieterman

Terminal_TownWhether it's by road, rail, water, or sky, people come to Chicago. In droves. In waves of migration and immigration. For work and  for play. But how do they get to Chicago? Terminal Town  answers this question with a fast-moving history of Chicago’s many passenger transportation terminals. These have, for generations, served as defining features of the city’s cosmopolitan character. Showcasing great icons of transportation, including Chicago’s Union Station, Dearborn Station, and Midway and O’Hare airports, as well as lesser-known and long-gone terminals throughout the metropolitan region, such as the downtown Greyhound and Trailways depots, Englewood Union Station, Meigs Field, and Winnetka Heliport, this book illustrates why the Windy City so richly deserves its reputation as America’s premier travel hub.

Featuring 48 stations and terminals through short narratives, 215 color photographs, and 20 custom maps, Terminal Town provides a fascinating portrait of the city’s famously complex and constantly changing transportation system.  The final chapter looks ahead to seven possible “Terminals of the Future”, including the proposed airport at Peotone, high-speed rail terminal at O’Hare, and major modifications to Chicago Union Station, that could one day reshape travel in the region.

You can purchase Terminal Town directly from Joe or at the Terminal Town website, as well as Amazon.com  Log onto:   http://www.amazon.com/Terminal-Town-Illustrated-Chicagos-Steamship/dp/0982315694

Beyond Burnham: An Illustrated History of
Planning for the Chicago Region
by Joseph J. Schwieterman and Alan P. Mammoser

Beyond_BurnhamJoe's first book, Beyond Burnham, provides a fascinating account of a century of visionary planning for metropolitan Chicago. From Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett's famed 1909 "Plan of Chicago" to the push for superhighways and airports to battles over urban sprawl, the book showcases an illustrated portrait of the big personalities and the 'big plans' they espoused. The human face of planning appears in the interplay between public officials and citizen advocates. Powerful institutions - the Chicago Plan Commission and Regional Transportation Authority, among others - emerge to promote metropolitan goals. Some efforts succeed while others fail, but the work of planners lives on in efforts to shape new visions for the region's future.

Purchase a copy from Amazon.com at: http://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Burnham-Illustrated-History-Planning/dp/0982315619


Nick Selig's Forgotten Chicago AirfieldsFellow Midway Historian and our late friend, Nick Selig, wrote Lost Airports of Chicago Lost Airports of Chicagoand Forgotten Chicago Airfields. Belt into the right seat of Nick's Stinson 108 and fly back in time as he visits some of the most wonderful and fascinating places on earth — Chicago's lost airfields!


Order your copy directly from Amazon at:

http://www.amazon.com/Lost-Airports-Chicago-Nicholas-Selig/dp/160949900X  and at  http://www.amazon.com/Forgotten-Chicago-Airfields-Nicholas-Selig/dp/1626195544


Will Martin's So I Bought an Air ForceW. W. "Will" Martin's incredible new book, So I Bought an Air Force, is a must-read for every Midway enthusiast and lover of warbirds.  Answering an ad in Trade-A-Plane, Will literally purchased the piston fleet of Nicaraguan strongman General Anastasio Somoza, in late-1965! 

But that's only the beginning. Will takes you on a journey from his youth to high advenure and harrowing exploits in Central America that sounds for all the world like a 1940s aviation adventure straight out of Hollywood. But every word is true, and you can't put this book down!

Indeed, Warbirds of America's own Rick Siegfried says that Will's book is, "A true adventure most can only dream of."

To get your copy, log onto http://soiboughtanairforce.com 

or purchase from Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/Bought-Air-Force-Midwesterner-Nicaragua/dp/1938690362 

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Midway Airport by David KentDavid E. Kent's Images of Aviation: Midway Airport

In 1903, Chicago fell in love with flying. Enterprising people opened airfields, designed and built aircraft and won big money at air meets.

After World War I, aviation was a serious matter with explosive commercial potential. A transcontinental airmail service was established; then came the first airlines. Aspiring to be first in aviation,
the City of Chicago considered which of its existing airfields to develop into its new, modern municipal airport. It chose none of them and instead decided on a square mile of property 10 miles southwest of the city as the location for what would soon become the “World’s Busiest Airport.”

Midway Airport captures the ethos and thrill of the Midway experience during a time when people dressed up for air travel or to just visit the airport, dine at the Cloud Room, and gaze from Midway’s observation platforms at the incredible aerial ballet before them. It was a magical time, when flying off into the clouds in beautiful silver airliners meant traveling in style and following aviation’s romantic call.

For a personally autographed copy to be mailed immediately to you, log onto: www.midwayairportbook.com and place an order via PayPal, credit card of check. 

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Also available from Arcadia Publishing/The History Press at: http://www.arcadiapublishing.com/9780738598505/Midway-Airport

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Chris Lynch's book about Mike RotunnoChristopher Lynch's When Hollywood Landed at Chicago's Midway Airport: The Photos and Stories of Mike Rotunno

For more details, log onto: http://www.amazon.com/Hollywood-Landed-Chicagos-Midway-Airport/dp/1609495926/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1354630209&sr=1-1&keywords=Chicago%27s+Midway+Airport 



 Chris Lynch's Midway Airport book - the very first MDW book written!Christopher Lynch's Chicago's Midway Airport: The First Seventy-Five Years
Christopher Lynch combines oral histories, narrative, and historic and contemporary photos to celebrate the rich and exciting history of Chicago aviation and the Midway legacy.

For more details, log onto: http://www.amazon.com/Chicagos-Midway-Airport-Illinois-Christopher/dp/1893121186/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1360441511&sr=8-1&keywords=chicagos+midway+airport%3A+the+first+seventy+five+years
Also available at Midway Jewelers, 5635 W. 63rd Street, Chicago, IL 60638 (Just West of Midway Airport.) Telephone: (773) 767-1633. Ask for Dianne.

Moose Hill's A Little Known Story of the Land Called ClearingRobert M. "Moose" Hill's A Little Known Story of the Land Called Clearing, Second Edition  

This is a 2013 republication of the fascinating and thorough 1983 look into the Clearing area, which included the magnificent airport that grew up in her midst, and became known as Midway. Carefully and painstakingly updated and containing dozens of historical photos along with literally hundreds of stories, this is a veritable history textbook written by one of Clearing's own sons, Bob "Moose" Hill. And you should own your own copy.

Available from the Clear-Ridge Historical Society. For details, contact Mr. Rob Bitunjac, Clearing Library, (312) 747-5657. 

Also available at Midway Jewelers, 5635 W. 63rd Street, Chicago, IL 60638 (Just West of Midway Airport.) Telephone: (773) 767-1633. Ask for Dianne.

Also available from Amazon.com or your favorite bookstore.

 Michael Branigan's history of O'Hare AirportMichael Branigan's A History of Chicago's O'Hare International Airport

In 1942, a stretch of Illinois prairie that had served as a battleground and a railroad depot became the site of a major manufacturing plant, producing Douglas C-54 Skymasters for World War II. Less than twenty years later, that plot of land boasted the biggest and busiest airport in the world. Many of the millions who have since passed through it have likely only regarded it as a place between cities. People like Michael Branigan, who spent years on its tarmac, know that O'Hare is a veritale city unto itself, with a fascinating history of gangsters and heroes, mayors, presidents and pilots.  The late, great Michael "Mike O'Hare" Branigan has captured the essence of O'Hare's unique, colorful and multifaceted history in his five-star book.

For more details or to purchase a copy, log on to:  http://www.amazon.com/History-Chicagos-OHare-Airport-Press/dp/1609494342/ref=pd_rhf_dp_s_cp_1 

 Fujiyama Trays & Oshibori Towels by Anne Billingsley Kerr                        
Anne Billingsley Kerr's delightful book, Fujiyama Trays & Oshibori Towels, details her adventures flying with Northwest Orient Airlines when the giant Boeing 377 Stratocruiser, the first 747, ruled the skies!

For more details, log onto:  http://www.amazon.com/Fujiyama-Recalling-passenger-adventure-Stratocruiser/dp/0615233740/ref=la_B003L5V690_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1362954541&sr=1-1




  Dave Young's newest aviation classic!
David M. Young's Chicago Aviation: An Illustrated History

Check availability of this book and the other three volumes in its
4-volume series on Amazon.com or order from your favorite bookstore.