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Midway Airport Audios and Videos


We're highlighting a series of audio files along with the videos on this page. Each one will take the listener back decades!  In three interviews, Chris Lynch conducted a series of Q&As with men such as Mike Rezich, Chicago aviation legend, as well as Fred Farbin, lifetime Monarch Air Service employee, and pioneer chicago pilot Fred Stripe. Captured for all time, you can download them right here.

 Click here to download an mp3 of the Mike Rezich interview: Chris Lynch-Mike Rezich 1980 interview

 Click here to download an mp3 of the Fred Farbin interview:  Chris Lynch-Mike Rezich 1980 interview

 Click here to download an mp3 of the Fred Stripe interview:   Chris Lynch-Mike Rezich 1980 interview

In the early-1950s, Midway Historian Bob Jesko was a guest of Chicago's Uncle Ned Locke during his wonderful Saturday morning radio program, Uncle Ned's Squadron. Ned's guests were all kids who loved aviation and it was broadcast from the Merchandise Mart, and aired over WMAQ radio. Kids listened to stories and answered questions for prizes, and it's still an exciting show to listen to! 

 Click here to download an mp3 of Uncle Ned's Squadron with Bob Jesko: Chris Lynch-Mike Rezich 1980 interview

 Click here to download an mp3 of another great Uncle Ned's Squadron:
   Chris Lynch-Mike Rezich 1980 interview

In March 1948, Chicago Municipal's new North Terminal opened amid great fanfare. Finally, Midway was going to be able to handle the huge numbers of passengers, and what a great place the new terminal was! One of the great highlights of visiting Midway became a visit to Marshall Field's exclusive restaurant, The Cloud Room, located on the second floor and offering a spectacular panorama of the Midway Mile. Below it was Field's Blue and Gold Cafe, another favorite of visitors to the world's busiest airport. Here's a terrific program produced for radio in 1948 by Marshall Field & Co., to mark the unique occasion of the opening of The Cloud Room ... Wagon Wheels To Wings!

Click here to download the mp3 of Wagon Wheels To Wings:   Chris Lynch-Mike Rezich 1980 interview


Chicago Municipal/Midway Airport was briefly discussed on Chicago television this past August 7th, on WGN TV. Midway Historian and author David Kent was interviewed by WGN's Steve Sanders, and for five minutes, the old Midway was back! Here's the interview

Great video from 1963, including an up-close hop in a Chicago Helicopter Airways S-58 (N878) from Meigs Field on Chicago's Lakefront, to Chicago O'Hare (ORD). Some may recall that her sister ship, N879, is the one that suffered a tragic main rotor failure in 1960 and crashed in Forest Park, IL. 

A Passenger Meets Air Traffic Control


Here is a great video of Chicago Municipal Airport from 1937, shot by Willis Heath Proctor, pioneer American Airlines pilot and father of Midway Historian Jon Proctor. Pat Bukiri's talented daughter collated Jon's footage into this excellent video



Fly American! This 1933 film features the Curtiss T-32 Condor, American's flagship airliner in the years immediately prior to the advent of the game-changing Douglas DC-2



Ernst Udet's amazing landing performed at the American Air Races at Chicago Municipal Airport,
July 1933



1933 - Midway Field (Chicago Municipal Airport) - John Meyer's wonderful video of his family's amateur film taken just two years after Muni was crowned with the title, "World's Busiest Airport." The Fairchild Pilgrims, Fokker F.32s, Ford Tri-Motors and Lockheed Vegas were state of the art in the year 1933