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The Aviation Art of Tom Kalina

This page is dedicated to the breathtaking aviation art of Midway Historian Tom Kalina, who is also captain at SC Johnson in Racine, Wisconsin. Tom's paintings depict the romance, allure and call of the sky to the air traveler, and the glory of the piston airliner era that also made the Midway Airport of the 20th Century what it was. Tom's amazing work takes you right into the Jet Age with artwork that can only be supplanted by the real thing. It's artwork you have to see to believe. 

The lighting, moods, detail, accuracy and beauty of each composition, coupled with giant hurtling ships flying among the clouds, make each of Tom's paintings a masterpiece.

This is just an introduction. Read and view much more on Tom's website: www.tomkalina.com

Breathtaking original aviation art by Tom Kalina

In the 1950s, the fortunate air traveler got to fly in one of TWA's beautiful Lockheed Super-G Constellations. A trip like the one so stunningly depicted below must have been in the wish list of many an American, as TWA ads told of the luxurious appointments and the romance of travel to far off ports of call such as Cairo, Egypt.
Air travelers in that era fit into one of two categories: Those who had gotten to fly in a Super Connie and those who wanted to.

The amazing beauty of an L-1049 Constellation of the Valley of the Kings, Egypt

To learn more and to purchase your own Tom Kalina prints, log on to www.tomkalina.com